Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to buy the programmes again to use on my iPad?

A. No, you only need to buy once to use on every device, inc. all smartphones, tablets, and PC’s. We are the first company to bring this type of technology to the industry.

Q. How do I save a report?

A. All reports must be named before saving. You are prompted to do this. All reports are then saved to your ‘Saved Report’ screen.

Q. Is it safe to make a payment?

A. Yes, all payments are securely made through Sagepay or Paypal.

Q. If I buy another laptop or PC do I need to subscribe again?

A. No, you only need to buy once. Providing your subscription is up to date, our system will automatically sense the device you are using and adapt accordingly.

Q. How reliable are the calculations?

A. We believe our calculations are the most reliable and accurate in the market. All our programmes have been extensively tested and use approved industry methodologies and codes of practice.

Q. Can I change the ranking order of my saved reports?

A. Yes, click on or select any column to change the ranking from either ascending or descending order

Q. Are reports saved to my laptop / PC?

A. No, we provide you with free online storage, so no space is taken on your device’s hard drive.

Q. What does a ‘Link File To A New Report’ mean?

A. You can save a report in two ways. As a new report or by linking a report to a pre-existing file name. Linking a report allows you to add more reports to a previously saved title file. So you could link several heat loss calculations from ThermaCalc, and a solar thermal report from SolarCalc to one main title file, or link a single ThermaCalc report to a SolarCalc report, the choice is yours!. Linking reports in this way lets you manage and search multiple files more easily.

Q. Do I need an internet connection to use the programmes?

A. No, all the programmes can be used off-line, however an internet connection is required to save reports.

Q. Is my personal information shared?

A. We take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with our Privacy Policy. All information you provide to us is stored on our secure servers. Our 'Privacy Policy' and 'Terms & Conditions' describe this in more detail.

Q. Are there any demonstrations on how to use the programmes?

A. Yes, there are video tutorials for each programme in the ‘Help & Support’ tab at the top of the page, as well as on your ‘Dashboard’ page.

Q. What is the ‘Education Package’ and how do I subscribe for it?

A. It’s a unique training facility designed exclusively for authorised colleges training institutes and academies. Complimenting current teaching practices through the simulation of real life situations that can either be printed off, handed out, or shown on a projector or PC for full classroom interaction. The test centre enables classrooms to become familiar with ThermaCalc, AquaCalc and SolarCalc prior to their adoption in the workplace. Classrooms can: Manually select rooms from an architecturally designed plan, based on a real property comparing answers with 'ThermaCalc'  Select from 3 challenging 'real life' scenarios on hot water cylinder sizing, recovery & production, comparing answers with ‘AquaCalc’. Use 'SolarCalc' and design an entire solar thermal system, as well as a 'rule of thumb' calculation for solar collector and cylinder sizing, comparing the two along the way. On screen instructions provided. Applications are made online with successful applicants given a link. 

Q. Are the programmes like an ‘app’?

A. Yes, our tools visually behave in the same way as a mobile ‘app’. Unlike most normal apps that can only be used on one device, our programmes work on every device.

Q. How do I upgrade / downgrade my subscription plan?

A. You can upgrade your plan at any time by going to your account page and choosing from the available subscriptions. It is not possible to downgrade your subscription.

Q. How do I cancel my subscription, and what happens to my saved reports?

A. You can cancel your account when your billing period is coming to an end. You will see a 'Cancel' button on your account page when you are eligible to cancel your account. Cancellations take effect at the end of their billed month. We try and keep report data on all deactivated accounts, however we cannot guarantee this, partly as space may be needed on our server for the benefit of active subscribers.

Q. Can the programmes be used on all Internet Browsers?

A. All parts of the ThermaSolutions website and apps will work in modern browsers that include IE 9/10 and the latest versions of Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox. Because of the technology used, our apps will not work in older browsers.

Q. Do I need to change any of the settings on my device for the programmes to work effectively?

A. All our apps should work fine in most modern browsers but if you run into problems you can try clearing your cache or temporary internet files, quitting the browsers and trying again. It is also advisable not to use the website and apps in private browsing windows as this limits some features. Private browsing in mobile Safari should also be turned off at all times. Javascript should also be turned on.

Q. Can I change my password?

A. Unfortunately, we are unable to let you manually change your passwords for security reasons. If you do need to change your password for some reason, please use the contact form and we instruct the system to auto generate one for you.