ThermaSolutions is a leading mobile software design company providing high quality, low user cost, portable software tools to the construction, heating and renewable energy sectors. Using the latest in technology all our tools offer true portability as they can can be used on PC’s and any mobile device both on and off line, even with no internet connection.

  • Incorporating the latest British Standards documents and industry guidance our tools provide the ultimate experience in ‘paper to pocket’ software. Mobile friendly, they are so easy to use virtually no previous experience is required - guaranteed!
  • Designed specifically to enhance the workplace productivity of installers and industry professionals anywhere, any time. 
  • Every tool comes with FREE online storage through a dedicated secure server, FREE video tutorials and FREE support.



The most accurate mobile tool on the market. ThermaCalc calculates precisely, the two most important factors when designing a heating system:

  • The Design Heat Load (for boiler sizing)
  • Radiator Required From A Catalogue (for radiator / heat emitter sizing)

Choose from: 24 different domestic and non-domestic rooms, 105 different U-value constructions, including Subterranean Basement structures, Green Sedum Roofs, and even straw walls! Adjust ‘Outside’ and ‘Room Temperatures’ and customise reports how you want them. Change ‘Mean Water to Air Temperature Factor (F1)’ for low flow temperature systems such as Heat Pumps and Underfloor Heating (UFH) - Watch our tutorials for more

Working to the extensive design principles contained within the industry recognised ‘Domestic Heating Design Guide’ (published by the building services panel), ThermaCalc’s powerful background calculations take the hard work away. Including ‘Exposed Locations’, ‘High Ceiling Factors’, ‘Intermittent Heating’, ‘Thermal Bridging’, ‘Open Flues’, ‘Ventilation Heat Losses’ and Party Wall temperature differences to name a few.

  • 15 different Domestic and 11 Non-domestic room types including, Kitchen Diners, Basements, Offices, En-suits, Restaurants and Museums.
  • 49 different U-value cross sectional wall designs inc. Solid Stone, Granite and Sandstone, Internally Insulated Cavity Walls through to Geo-Textile Membranes for basements. 
  • Now including options for ‘Listed Buildings’ and ‘Heritage’ properties using Lath & Plaster and Wattle & Daub.
  • 11 different U-value window & glazed constructions, including metal, wood, PVC-U, single, double and triple with low E-glass, roof lights and roof windows.
  • 41 different ceiling and flooring designs. 
  • Now with a ‘Loft Hatch’ option for ceilings.
  • Background calculations on ‘Ventilation Heat Losses’, ‘High Ceilings’, ‘Exposed Locations’, ‘Thermal Bridging’, and ‘Intermittent Heating’ are all built in as standard. 
  • Manual override of room temperatures from 16°C to 25°C for multi functional rooms e.g. offices, open plan, or the elderly and in-firmed
  • Outside temperature adjustments from -1°C to -20°C.
  • Adjustable emission fields on Mean Water to Air Temperature Difference (F1) & Radiator factors (F2) allow for Heat Pump and Underfloor Heating sizing
  • Watch our tutorials for more

Calculations that once took hours, now just take minutes. So easy to use virtually no experience is needed.

  • ThermaCalc Report
  • ThermaCalc Summary



A primary function of a heating system is simultaneous heating and hot water delivery. With just 3 fields to complete, AquaCalc calculates the heat energy (kW) required from a heating system for hot water production. Just add this figure to your Design Heat Load from ThermaCalc to know exactly what boiler to install.


  • Recovery Time (minutes)
  • Daily Hot Water Requirement (litres) – e.g. for cylinder sizing
  • Incoming mains supply temperature (°C)
  • Watch our tutorials for more



A handy pop-up reference table (supplied) taken from British Standards 8558:2011 (formerly BS6700) gives guidance on cylinder volumes.

AquaCalc, an essential tool for anyone involved in domestic and non-domestic hot water cylinder installation and repair work

Combine with ThermaCalc to complete your system design.

  • AquaCalc Report
  • AquaCalc Dashboard



(Stage 1 of 3 of a solar thermal project)

Working to the acclaimed ‘Solar Thermal Design & Installation Guide’ (published by The Building Services Panel), SolarCalc is a market leading mobile solar thermal design tool, providing almost everything an installer needs to know without having to leave site.

Only 15 fields to complete, entire solar systems can now be designed in less than a minute


  • Standard, Flat Plate and Evacuated Tube Panel Sizes



  • Annual Solar Input (kWh) – As used for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Applications
  • Twin Coil and Buffer Tank Cylinder Volumes
  • Installation Pipework Diameter
  • Expansion Vessel Size
  • Expansion Vessel Pressure Settings
  • Glycol Content
  • Watch our tutorials for more

 For fast accurate designs, the future’s bright with SolarCalc! 

  • SolarCalc Report
  • SolarCalc Summary



This FREE mobile tool is perfect for the professional installer. 

3 easy calculations to the 3 most important factors for diagnosing faults as well as deciding which modern combination boiler to choose. 

  • Flow Rate (the speed of hot water from the tap),
  • Temperature Rise (The difference in temperature between the incoming cold water mains and that from the hot water tap outlet),
  • Boiler Output (The useful energy produced by the boiler for hot water production)

Watch our tutorials for more

Essential for mobile problem solving.

  • CombiCalc Report
  • CombiCalc Report 2



(Stage 2 of 3 of a solar thermal project)

A bespoke itemised cost sheet for accurate estimations of Solar Thermal projects. Includes a comprehensive list of all the likely Materials, Services, and Government Taxes you’re likely to encounter. 

Or customise your own.

With one click of a button this handy tool can also take previously ‘known data’ from saved ‘SolarCalc’ reports and fill in fields on your behalf.

Tender and quote for work even faster with Estimator.

Now including:

  • Email ‘with costs’ function e.g. to your employer or customer detailing the work involved

  • Email ‘without costs’ function e.g. to your merchant or supplier for an immediate reply

Quoting for work on the move has never been easier - FREE to all SolarCalc subscribers

  • Estimator Report
  • Estimator Dashboard



(Stage 3 of 3 - The final stage of a solar Thermal Project)

Complying with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and MIS 3001, ‘Payback’ enables installers to complete their RHI applications in seconds.

With only 6 fields to fill in, Payback is a great ‘Added Value’ customer service tool, completing your solar thermal project. 

Work out:

  • Annual Fuel Savings
  • Government Contributions
  • Annual Energy Savings
  • Exact year when the Solar Thermal project will be paid back (added value for customer)

Built in background calculations provide fast and easy access to the final stages of your solar thermal design, including: 

  • Electrical energy required to operate pump and controls
  • Adjusted fuel price with annual inflation
  • Annual Solar Input of the installation (kWh)
  • Annual solar cost saving to current fuel
  • Remaining capital cost of project versus current fuel
  • FREE to all SolarCalc subscribers

Watch our tutorials for more

  • Payback Report
  • Payback Report 2

Test Centre

Test Centre

A unique educational facility exclusive to authorised academies and training institutes. 

Incorporating British Standards (BSI), Normative Documents and Standard Codes of Practice.

Start by printing off your chosen tests, or project them direct to the room. Set your own test time then begin with a written calculation (answers provided). Finish the session with an engaging ThermaCalc, AquaCalc or SolarCalc report comparing answers and completing the assessment.

Using ‘true-to-life’ modules based on:

ThermaCalc - Room Heat Loss. Select any number of rooms from a real plan of a house and work out the room heat loss using the information provided. Onscreen answers, printable plans and questions are provided. The use of the on-board programme ‘ThermaCalc’ ideally supports the answers together with a visual aid.

AquaCalc - Hot Water Demand. Three ‘situation scenarios’ outlining the dynamics of a proposed hot water installation, raising questions over current design and prompting for suggestions on how to you should go about the proposed work. The use of the on-board programme ‘AquaCalc’ is used to support the answers and provide a further visual aid. Onscreen answers, screenshots and printable questions are provided.

SolarCalc – Solar Thermal Design. Split into 3 modules

Simulating a ‘Conception To Completion’ exercise. 

Design and specify ALL the components for a Solar Thermal Heating System based on a real life installation. 

Includes everything you need to show to the room inc. Onscreen Answers, Screenshots and Printable Questions.

All 3 tests relevant to current teaching and testing methodologies. 

The use and references to the on-board programmes: ThermaCalc, AquaCalc and SolarCalc provides classmates with complete understanding of their use for the workplace.

  • Module 1: Manual Calculation. Determine collector size and cylinder volume. Identical to many UK test centres.
  • Module 2: Software Simulation. Workplace interaction for the class using the on-board programme ‘SolarCalc’. 

In less than a minute, this programme will tell you almost everything you need to carry out the installation:

  • 3 different collector types and their areas for you to choose
  • 2 different cylinder types and their volumes for you to choose
  • Cylinder Coil Areas
  • Suggested Installation Pipe Diameter
  • Expansion Vessel Sizing
  • System Pipework Volume (e.g for glycol volumes)
  • Expansion Vessel Pressures (Gas & System Fill Sides)
  • Module 3: Energy Payback. For Homeowner added value and RHI applications

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